Switch Load and Signal Conditioning Modules

ALIARO has been developing modules for test systems for many years based on our standard xMove test concept but in 2018 we decided to migrate most of our IPs to the new NI SLSC architecture which enabled our capabilities to the global market through common distribution channels. We are continuously developing new SLSC modules for different purposes where there is a need for a specific function. Most are planned in our long-term roadmap for #electrification but we also can design modules on behalf of customer requests for a certain project.


What Is SLSC?

NI Switch Load and Signal Conditioning (SLSC) extends the PXI or CompactRIO platform with the ability to add custom front-end modules. With a standardized connectivity and form factor, it eliminates the fault-prone process of point-to-point wiring, simplifying the overall system.


SLSC reduces time spent on common needs across test systems. Using standard cables, the non-recurring engineering and point-to-point cabling to custom signal conditioning and common sensors is reduced. A key piece of NI's hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) architecture, SLSC amplifies your HIL investment by maximizing reuse.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerate Time  to First Test
  • Reduce Design and Integration Costs
  • Meet Custom Test Demands

AL-1010 Multi Function
12ch, AIO/DIO/FI (10A)

AL-1010 Download Specification

AL-1032 Multi Function
32ch, AIO/DIO/FI (1A)

AL-1010 Download Specification

AL-1020 Power Switch
12ch (10-40A)

AL-1020 Download Specification

AL-2010 Bus Switching
4x4ch Bus Switching and Fault insertion

AL-2010 Download Specification

AL-3010 Resistor Emulation
16ch RES/FI (10ohm - 110kOhm)

AL-3011 Download Specification

AL-3011 Resistor Emulation
16ch RES/FI (10ohm - 8MOhm)

AL-3011 Download Specification

AL-5010 Sensor Emulator
8ch Distributed Systems Interface (DSI3)


AL-1040 WSS Simulation
4ch Wheel Speed Sensor Simulator

AL-1040 Download Specification

AL-4010 Battery Cell Simulation 

AL-4010 Download Specification